Spring is in the Air

by | Mar 22, 2021

Everything around me is awakening. Birds are tweeting their morning call and getting ready for the new dawn. The sun is shining and the garden and farmland is starting to warm up.

Strawberry plants nurtured from last years runners were planted yesterday. The rhubarb has shot up this week, little shoots of green everywhere. This reminds me of a recipe I was given for a strawberry and rhubarb pudding from New Hampshire…

The apple trees in the orchard will benefit from a mulch of farm-house manure as well as the garden. It’s getting a bit late but better late then never! Farmer John’s job this morning is to find me some well rotted.


We had a great crop of apples last autumn and made our own apple juice for you to enjoy. I have always offered our own juice. In the early days getting it collected and made, then making it my self with a press and pasteurising it and bottling it. Laterly I have taken it to Old Sleningford farm Mill, apples washed beforehand ,pick-up laden and fortunately had a booked slot this year and using their equipment produced a medium apple juice. This being the result of using a mix of the apples from our orchard.

The crops in the fields have had quite a battering this winter with water-logged ground and frosts. They too are getting a top dressing of fertilizer to help them on their way. In their growing season

No lambs yet another week to go. The ewes have been brought into a shed. Whilst the grass-land recovers and grows. Farmer John gives them a ration from I’ansons for expectant ewes to keep them in good condition and help them produce good colostrum .Pens ready, buckets washed, medication ready. In preparation for the first new-born lambs.

The ewes wait expectantly for their new births. Neighbours can’t wait to see the lambs in the fields opposite where they love to watch them bond with their mothers and play with their mates!!

Spring cleaning for me will be a gradual process as I prioritise the gradual opening of Lovesome Hill Farm B&B to guests. Lovesome Cottage has its first guests on April 13th Then the gradual opening of the bed and breakfast, whether they are walking the coast to coast, escaping to the country, meeting up with family and friends we look forward to welcoming you back into our fold.,