Spring 2021 at Lovesome Hill Farm

by | May 20, 2021

Who would believe that another years lambing is complete and we haven’t been able to open our gates to our fellow lambers again.

Following on from the lambing update last year, and a year older Farmer John has a few less than last year. He decided not to replace the ewes which were getting a bit too long in the tooth. Or lack of teeth!!

This year we had 70 ewes to lamb. The majority lambed inside and when we had the cold snap, were quite pleased to be in I think.

Although they are very hardy and manage well outside, with wet cold conditions and lack of grass early on in the year, the decision was to bring them in.

The scanning went well in January with 200%, predicted. Which means we had quite a few triplets getting topped up with milk.

We have a new addition this year to the fold. Holly sheep dog was re-housed here in August 2020 when sadly her owner Johns Aunty passed away so her mothering instinct is coming through.

For our fellow lambers: if you feel able to have a few days with us, there will be a few lambs galloping in the fields where a picnic could be sampled, just a thought!!

Lovesome Cottage has had its spring clean ready to welcome self-catering guests. The hot tub is now out-side the cottage so it’s easy to soak away the time and take in the views of the Hambleton Hills.

Just this week we are able to erect a pod, as planning was accepted, so a new venture begins; Lovesome Pod. Work is starting to site it in its new home with the exclusive use of the original hot tub.


The bed and breakfast is emerging again, from its covers. We await with mixed feelings of trepidation and excitement for gradual re-opening from May 17th when we welcome our first bed and breakfast guests.

John and I wish you and your families well and hope a new year is dawning. We look forward to greeting you again into our fold.