Don’t You Just Love Food

by | Jun 8, 2020

It’s just been “World Biscuit Day” which found we Farm Stay members producing delicious home- made biscuits ready to welcome our visitors, hopefully later this year when we gradually open our doors to visitors again. I made my oat biscuits which I have been offering to guests on arrival for the last 30 years. Where did the recipe come from? Originally from a lovely, well-respected lady from near Northallerton who was a great cook. She gave it to my mother- in-law and it ended up in my hands and so it lives on. Sometimes I vary it and today I have added maple syrup, remembering my dear friends, the Cilleys, who were coming to stay in mid June from New Hampshire but sadly had to cancel. They are part of our family. We have had three generations of the family stay so here’s to them and their next visit!

The coffee cups were sent to us from Canada. We’re putting them to good use. Cheers to them. Only trouble is there’s nowhere to fill up!!

This takes us to the next event “ National Cream Tea Day” to be held on Friday 26th June 2020. So out with the recipes and let’s get some scones made. In the lock down my friend baked an elderflower scone or will it be my sister’s recipe or the hairy bikers’. Such choices with only a few ingredients, endless!!

I have always loved cooking. From an early age I used to watch my mum make scones on her griddle that moved with her when they settled into a farm in Lincolnshire from Ayrshire in the early 50s. With a third of the dairy herd from Broomlands Farm, Ayrshire, (home to a well- established Ayrshire herd which was involved with the breeding of the Ayrshire Pedigree), they started their new life.

The griddle has now moved up to Lovesome Hill Farm, Northallerton where I make my scones and pancakes, as well as the traditional way in the oven. Hence I am getting ready for National Cream Tea Day.

Yesterday was “World Milk Day” so I remember my days on the dairy farm in Lincolnshire. The delivery arrived from Acorn Dairy last night and picking up their news letter I read that in early spring they were recommended No 1 brand in the Ethical Consumer Magazine. Well done Acorn Dairy.

Must remember to put my order in for Lewis and Cooer’s who have been delivering groceries form Northallerton to Lovesome Hill Farm B&B. Thank you for all my deliveries, also my fruit and veg from Nick Mitchinson, Greengrocers. Invaluable service!!