A Lovesome Poem

by | Aug 12, 2013


We were thrilled to receive this fantastic poem written by one of our guests “Avril Newey”.

Many thanks Avril, we look forward to seeing you and Peter again soon.  Don’t worry Peter – there’ll be a delicious Lovesome Hill Farm breakfast waiting for you when you return.



The Golden Hare

On Lovesome hill there is a golden hare,
we came across him one warm summer’s dusk
huge, motionless. Upon the rising track
the last sun threading through his startling fur
when, gazing east towards the Hambletons,
he waited steadfast for the rising moon
as all his kind were wont a myriad years,
prompted by patterns and that natural law
that calls the birds and leaps the salmon home.

Waiting with such intent he was unmoved
by both our presence and our quiet respect
until we stepped, to prove he was no fox
and then one glance, the glistening of an eye
a see-saw lope into the field of corn,
leaving us silent in a hush of dream
tumbling with thoughts of magic, ancient craft
and humbled in a land so cruelly scarred
that yet still gifts her such wondrous joys.

by: Avril Newey